How do I set up pre-payments on ToGo?

Firstly you need to set up your chosen payment system to collect deposits/pre-payments. ToGo supports PayPal, Zapper, RealEx, Sagepay, Stripe and Zonal.

1. Go to ‘Manage Venue’ on the home screen
2. Select ‘Third Party’ at the top of the screen.
3. On the next page, you can add the details of the payment processor of your choice.

To add a pre-payment rule, follow these steps:-

1. Go back to the home screen
2. Select ‘Manage Venue’
3. Select ‘Venue Settings’ at the top of the screen
4. On the next page select ‘Prepay Settings’
5. On the left-hand side of the screen, you can add a new pre-pay rule.
6. Add a description of the rule in description field e.g. Parties over 8 people
7. The ‘Pre-pay rule trigger’ is the size of the party that triggers pre-payments to be taken. Leave at 0 if you want to take pre-payments from any party sizes.
8. the ‘Pre-pay rule amount’ is the amount in £ you want to take from the customer e.g. £5.00
9. The ‘Pre-payment Cut off days’ is the amount of time you wish to give to the customer to pay the deposit/pre-payment. 1 = 24 hours from booking, 2= 48 hours and so on. If you leave this at 0 then the customer has 1 hour from booking to pay the deposit.
10. If using PayPal or Stripe, select whether you would like to ‘take payment’ whereby you receive the money immediately or ‘Authorise Only’ whereby you take card details from a customer without taking money, unless they don’t show and then you can claim the deposit.
11. Tick whether you want to take a deposit per booking or per head. e.g. £5.00 per booking or £5.00 per head.
12. Add a Start date and End date to your rule. IF it is just for one day the start and end date are the same. IF the rule runs constantly, leave the end date blank.
13. The ‘Lead Time Trigger’ is the amount of days before the booking the customer needs to pay the deposit by.
14. Click ‘Add Rule’ and you will see your new pre-payment rule in the list on the right-hand side.