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How do I add a booking to Togo?

This guide will help you to add future bookings to Togo.

  1. Click ‘Add Booking’ on the home page
  2. Select the date, time and party size at the top of the page.
  3. You can click ‘Check Times’ to check availability
  4. Fill in the booking details of the customer. Try to get the customer’s email and phone number for future marketing.
  5. Tick the ‘Ignore warnings’ box if you are overriding an existing warning such as taking bookings over party size of 12
  6. ¬†Click ‘Make your booking’
  7. A confirmation window will appear with the option to view the booking details.
  8. Click ‘Booking Details’ to add more details to the booking
  9. On this page you can edit details such as table allocation and the menu selection.
  10. You can also see the booking you have added on the ‘Live console’

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