How do I add a promotional code?

  1. Click Manage Promo
  2. Click Add Promo
  3. Enter all details for promotion
  4. Title – Only you can see this information
  5. Code – Select a promotional code you want your customers to use. E.g. Giveaway123
  6. Start and end date – these are the dates you want the promotional code to be valid from and to
  7. Single use – do you want customers to be able to use the code more than once, for example if you are running a competition do you want them to be able to have multiple entries if they book with you several times throughout the competition period. Or if you are giving away a bottle of wine with every meal for two, do you want to restrict the customer from being able to use the promo code more than once.
  8. Used – please ignore this
  9. Description – a brief description of what the promotion is
  10. Promo menu – you can select certain menu’s to only be available for this promotional code
  11. Select times –
  • All times – customers can use the promotional code on any day at any time
  • Defined times – you can restrict when the customer can use the promotional codes, potentially making customers book at quieter times
  1. Click Save
  2. If you have clicked defined times you will need to select the days and times that the promotional code can be used

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