How do I send a mail shot?

1. Go to mailshot manager
2. Create a mailshot by entering a title into ‘mailshot title’ and click add
3. The new mailshot should drop underneath into current mailshots
4. To enter further information click ‘edit’
5. Here you need to enter a from address – this is the email address you want the email to come from
6. The mailshot subject box is what the customer will see as the title
7. On the right side of the screen you have ‘assign lists’ these are the lists of email addresses you have stored on togo. Tick the ones which you want to send the email to.
8. The subject box is where you would enter the text (as you would a normal email)
9. Tick the approved box
10. If you want to schedule the email you can do by selecting the date you want to send it and also the time. The time is listed as a 24hr clock, so if you wanted to send it at 4pm you would select 16
11. To send the email straightaway, click ‘send now’

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