1. Select ‘Venue Statistics’ on the Home Screen
2. Click ‘Customer Reviews’ at the top of the page
3. The next page will show the list of your customer reviews
4. By clicking ‘Details’ next to each review you will see comments and ratings left by that customer.

  1. Register the email address that you are wanting to add by going to togo.uk.com
  2. Log in to togo using the system admin log in details
  3. Go to secure access
  4. Type the email address you want to add in ‘find users’ and press find
  5. The email address should appear under ‘pick a user’
  6. Select the email address
  7. Select rights:
  8. Booking manager – can only make/amend bookings
  9. Marketing manager – can promote using social media, add promotions, events
  10. Venue manager – can edit menu’s, change tables, opening times
  11. System admin – has access to everything
  12. Select ‘Add user’
  13. The email address should now appear on the right hand side